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The services we provide are ideal for Local and National government agencies, Corporations, Hospitals, Universities, Colleges, Schools and other similar organisations.

Financial and Operational Performance

Managing costs can be a real challenge for any catering establishment.  We will observe carefully what is actually happening in your catering facility. Every activity from delivery to consumption has a bearing on cost. On your behalf we can negotiate better prices with suppliers and ensure they are providing you with the best possible service. 

We will also identify areas of inefficiency and waste by observing your operation over the course of a day. We will appraise all equipment used for output and efficiency. We will also look at staffing costs and roster management. All unnecessary costs will be identified hopefully saving you money. We can also advise on possible areas for increased revenue from your catering establishment.

Operational Support / Temporary Management / Mentoring


Many of the modern challenges facing catering establishments can easily overwhelm staff and management especially where change is required. We work in a people business and without a skilled team working in harmony, it is near impossible to have a well run catering operation.

 We will provide onsite and offsite support to your Catering team on an ongoing basis. We can also help manage your facility for a period of time. As we get to know your team we can identify their strenghts and weaknesses and  provide a training and development programme for them.

Mentoring is also playing an increasingly important role in helping people in responsible positions work more effectively. We provide one on one mentoring to Catering Managers who are in need of support. 

Legislation Compliance/ H.AC.C.P.

It is essential that your catering establishment is a safe place to work and provides safe food.
Failure to comply with food legislation could lead to penalties and even closure. Legislation is there to protect the worker and consumer. A poor health and safety environment can lead to accidents, higher insurance costs and low morale.

We will audit your catering facility and identify the corrective actions which need to be taken. We will check what food hygiene and safety training is required for your employees. We will also ascess your H.A.C.C.P. system to see if it up to date. Some corrective actions may require urgent attention and some can be implemented over time.

Food Quality

There are many factors that can affect the quality of food served in any establishment besides the cooking. Our approach looks at everything that happens in your catering facility that may have an adverse effect on food quality.

This includes quality of produce purchased, storing methods, cooking methods, recepies, catering equipment and food delivery. We will also appraise staff competency and recommend training and mentoring where appropriate. We will identify the areas affecting  food quality in your establishment  and work with you in implementing solutions.

We have recently conducted an in depth appraisal of food in a large hospital which highlighted up quite a number of factors having an adverse impact on food quality.


Recruitment and Training

One of the most important and challenging functions of catering management is recruiting key employees. Sometimes the best interviewees don’t always turn out to be the best employees for your particular establishment. High turnover of staff is a big problem now that the economy is doing better. This is why investing in your recruitment process is essential and will pay off in the long run.

We will get an understanding of your exact requirements taking into account all aspects of your business including the culture of your organisation. We will screen applicants and only call on suitable candidates for interview. We often work with recruitment agencies which we find a very effective method of selecting genuinely suitable candidates. We can then form part of your interview panel.

We know from experience the right questions to ask interviewees and the process involved in ensuring the new recruits you chose are the best fit for your organisation which means there is a better chance they will stay with you. 

Catering Project  Management

When designing and installating a new catering outlet, we can provide project management to ensure that the process is hassle free, sustainable and achieves all aims.

Our involvement in projects provides our clients with the following benefits:

  • Expert input to ensure the best result
  • Excellent value-for-money from the client company’s investment
  • Achievement of timescales and deadlines
  • Time freed up for our client to focus on their core role

We can provide assistance with any hospitality or facilities project, from advice to full management.  Our key areas of project management are:

Design and planning – working with our client and their colleagues to research and manage the design and installation of a new catering outlet or refurbished facility.

Equipment – advising on the most appropriate equipment, its maintenance and the procurement.

In-house assistance – supporting any client wishing to develop an in-house catering or facilities service with all aspects of work including; recruitment and training of staff, bespoke HACCP systems, financial procedures, work schedules, menus and marketing.

Marketing, Customer Survey, Mystery Diner

All catering operations need to focus on the customer. Whether yours is a staff restaurant , a hosptal or a high street restaurant it is essential to communicate with the people you serve. 

We will advise you on the best marketing plan for your organisation. We can cunduct customer surveys which will give good feedback helping you improve your operation. We also work as mystery diners which is another effective way to appraise the service you provide.

Competitive Tendering

Many clients opt to outsource their catering service for a number of reasons i.e.; the size and scale of the operation, available resources within the organisation, the catering operation may be a non-core activity, or there is a lack of experience and knowledge within Client Management team.

Whatever your reason we work with you to find your ideal catering partner to fit your requirements, giving assistance and advice on all aspects of the tender process.

Some clients may have contractual arrangements with their catering partners that are due to shortly expire and see this as an opportunity to conduct an operational review and consider the future operation in terms of development, offer, service, financial investment or return; with other clients, it may be the first time they are considering outsourcing their operation.

We also offer client support as a client/contractor interface during the mobilisation period. We can also offer external contract monitoring assistance to ensure that quality and standards are maintained throughout the life of the contract.

Prior to commencing any tendering process we always recommend a short study on your existing service evaluating whether any changes financially or operationally are required to enhance your service and customer experience.


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